12 Cleaners To Avoid

I listen to my clients, so I thought I would share the…

12 Most Common Mistakes
That Busy People Make
When Choosing a Cleaner.

You have probaly heard a few bad stories about hiring house cleaners in Perth?

As a professional domestic cleaner who cares about his business AND his cleaning clients. I’VE HEARD THEM ALL.

»   “My mother in law had a $1000 necklace stolen, and we’re pretty sure it was the cleaner!”

Do stories like this scare you?

What about something really common…

“He was cheap, but when you get a student to clean for you, expect to pay a lot, for a crappy half-ass job.”

These are real stories about cleaners in Perth and UNFORTUNATELY…

Shenanigans like this happen a lot, and these are not the only things to watch out for when considering domestic cleaners.

Chances are You Are About to Make ONE of These 12 Mistakes.

Just about EVERYBODY does when looking for a House Cleaner in Perth.

Don’t hire a faceless firm… Unfortunatelymany of the House Cleaning Services that come up for Perth, in Google, are agents who don’t actually clean houses themselves. They are middle men for random and recently unemployed people who only get a percentage of what YOU pay.

Avoid the scams…Some of these ‘middle men’ websites are not even based in Perth. Make sure you are dealing with a real local Perth cleaner right from your initial quote.
 Don’t take a lucky dip… These House Cleaning Agents have a high turn-over of temporary staff, who are doing cleaning work – ONLY  – because they are broke or temporarily putting themselves through Uni.
Pay the cleaner, not the agent… If your house cleaner is getting less than what you’re paying, or has to deduct agent fees from your payment, you can be sure he or she is NOT going to be a Happy Cleaner.
 Don’t hire a desperate cleaner… Some of the cleaners working for the big firms in Perth, only take on this kind of work, because they can’t get, or hold down, a job. Hardly any are in it because they actually enjoy cleaning. The dodgy agents will hire almost anybody.
Employ passion not apathy… A good house cleaner needs to be tolerant, hardworking & passionate.
 Avoid cleaners who are opting out… Go with someone who is building an awesome cleaning service, and NOT someone who is looking to get out of the cleaning industry or dominate the market by outsourcing, expanding and scaling their business towards more profit for less work.

You can ONLY trust, absolute Honesty… You are about to invite a stranger into your home, your bathroom, and your bedroom!!! Look for maturity and integrity whe auditioning cleaners in Perth.

 Don’t give up… If you have had one bad experience, don’t go back to the domestic cleaning routine YOU hate. Working full time with messy kids and messy pets. Exhausted when YOU get home. NEVER seeing your house in the Sunshine during the week. YOU deserve your weekends off. Just find an awesome cleaner you can trust.
It’s About TIME… Don’t delay a life of ‘cleaning free’ BLISS. When two partners are working full-time, cleaning just adds extra stress and extra tension. Your quality time is worth the money. It’s about time your treated yourself to a house cleaner who can actually do a brilliant job and still in half the time.
 Value YOUR time… I clean for a living and I am brilliant at it. It makes me extremely proud when clients come home, after a hard days work, and walk into a sparkling clean house that smells fresh and invigorated!
 Don’t settle for second best. Employ the best… I openly invite you to check out my Client Testimonials and if I am not available I will direct you to someone you can trust and rely on.