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House Cleaning Perth HappyHere are some highlights from the 30+ real testimonials, listed when you click Read More.

  • “I would highly recommend Scottie he does a magic job” – Carolyn (Woodvale)
  • “Your attention to detail really made the difference.” – Glen (Upper Swan)
  • I recommend Scottie to all my family and friends.” – Fiola (Mt Lawley)
  • “He is a pleasant and trustworthy guy to deal with.” – Liza (Iluka)
  • Call Scottie and welcome him into your home. I guarantee you wont regret it.” – Liz (Stirling)
  • “The house was immaculate and I am so grateful.” – Patricia (Subiaco)
  • The attention to detail was a refreshing change.” – Kristy and Dale (Victoria Park)
  • “Your work was dilegent and thorough!” – Ishbelle (Fremantle)
  • A great experience to come home to an exceptionally clean home.” – Jane (Duncraig)
  • “Scottie has saved us, no more fights between me and my husband about who’s cleaning what, when!” – Marcia (Hillarys)


house cleaning perth liz3 July 2013: Fortnightly Clean since May 2013 – 6×2 Single Storey » “Hi Scottie, As always absolutely delighted with the job you did. Look forward to your next visit. Below are some comments that I am happy for you to post on your website. Scottie is a true professional in every sense of the word. He takes the utmost pride in his work and is extremely diligent in carrying out every aspect of cleaning our house. Too often you hear about people who “clean” houses as a part time job to put themselves through Uni or they are waiting for a better job to come along and then they are off. Scottie is not one of those people. He is a professional cleanerand it shows in everything he does. Scottie comes to our house fortnightly and by the time he leaves the place is sparkling. He also has a very pleasant manner and not only takes great pride in his work he enjoys what he does which is evident in the results. If you are like me and dislike housework you need to call Scottie and welcome him into your home. I guarantee you won’t regret it.” Liz, Madeley, Perth, W.A. Hon MLC, Member for North Metropolitan Region, Stirling

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25th October 2016: Pam – Fortnightly, Windows & Gutters – Bassendean, Perth, W.A. – 3×1 Single storey – Client since March 2015: >> “Scottie and his staff have been cleaning my home for quite some time now, they do an excellent job and are willing to do extra things when I request them. I contact him and ask him to work when it is convenient to both myself and him. Usually it is fortnightly and takes them approximately one hour. They are all very polite and friendly.”
22nd October 2016: Kristen – Fortnightly & Windows – Maylands, Perth, W.A. – 4×2 Single storey – Client since March 2014: >> “I have been using this service for over 2 years now and Scottie and his team always do a fantastic job. Their work is very detailed and I love the way my house smells when I get home. I make sure to schedule a clean before rent inspections and my landlord is always impressed. I would absolutely recommend this service!”
22nd October 2016: Joanne – Spring – Roleystone, Perth, W.A. – 6×2 Single storey – Client since October 2016: >>  “Thank you for the wonderful job you did of my house yesterday. It looks soooo clean and smells beautiful.
19th October 2016: Amanda – Rent Inspection & Windows – Mt Pleasant, Perth, W.A. – 5×2 Double storey – Client since October 2016: >> “Thanks for your excellent house and window cleaning job which was completed over 2 days. I am still looking to find something that was missed, but I can’t find a thing. Very thorough, detailed rent inspection clean. Couldn’t be happier. Scottie is a lovely family man who works with his daughter and a friend. Really nice people. Happy to recommend this family business. Amanda.”
18th October 2016: Anthony – Fortnightly – North Perth, Perth, W.A. – 3×1 Single storey – Client since August 2016: >>  “We have loved having Scottie start cleaning our home. It’s always a pleasant surprise walking in from work after he has been through our home. It’s always spotless. Recommend him to any busy families or couples needing a cleaner.”
18th October 2016: Carol – Fortnightly – Woodvale, Perth, W.A. – 6×3 Double storey – Client since October 2012: >> “Scottie has been cleaning my home for a couple of years now and I have always been very happy with the job he does. It is a pleasure to come home to. Scottie is reliable and trustworthy.”
18th October 2016: Nathan & Claire – Fortnightly & Windows – St James, Perth, W.A. – 3×2 Single storey – Client from January 2014 to June 2016: >>  “One of the main concerns with hiring a cleaning service is having strangers in your house when you are not present, with all the concerns about the security of your belongings and the welfare of your pets. Scottie’s friendliness and awareness of this concern helped us put our confidence in him and he showed over the years that he is completely trustworthy and genuinely cared for our cats when the vacuum cleaner came out! Leaving our house clean for us to return to and responding to requests and feedback is a great benefit of hiring him, but the best part was it doesn’t take long for there to be no longer a stranger in your home – it’s Scottie.”
16th October 2016: Darren – Fortnightly & 3 Monthly Windows – Perth City, W.A. – 3×2 Single storey – Client since February 2016: >>  “Scottie is a good a cleaner as you’re ever likely to find. Honest, reliable and a down to earth good bloke. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone”
15th October 2016: Liza – Fortnightly & Windows – Iluka, Perth, W.A. – 7×2 Single storey – Client since August 2012: >> “Scottie provides an excellent, reliable house clean. I love walking into the house after he or his team has been there and getting a beautiful fresh clean smell. In addition he is a warm caring person that always has a bit of time for a chat (if we are around). He has been coming around for several years now and I can’t imagine that ever changing 🙂 I can definitely recommend him!”
15th October 2016: Cath – Fortnightly & Blinds – Ferndale, Perth, W.A. – 4×2 Single storey – Client since October 2013: >> We love that Scottie cleans with natural products, leaving the house fresh and clean. He is very trustworthy and always pleasant to interact with.”
14th October 2016: Eisha – Vacate – Ellenbrook, Perth, W.A. – 4×2 Single storey – Client since October 2016: >> Oh wow Scottie an amazing job!! The house looks stunning! You’re a lifesaver!” Thank you so much for your dream clean! More than happy for you to share my comments! I have never used a cleaner before, so when it came to figuring out what I needed that was also within budget, I was absolutely lost! After emailing Scottie (probably more than I needed to – sorry!), he was very easy to communicate with and responded to my every enquiry! Being quite heavily pregnant, working full time and moving house, there was absolutely no way that I could prepare the inside of my home ready for rent without his help! Making a booking was easy, the price beyond fair and the result was impeccable. Not only did the house have a complete clean makeover, his vacate clean included places I wouldn’t have even considered. Everything he listed on his site was done to 110%, He is 110% reliable and trustworthy and his attention to detail is awesome. The absolute best thing about Scottie is that I actually haven’t met him personally yet. Its always scary putting your trust into someone you’ve never met to go through your home and have access to such a personal investment, but when you take a leap of faith and see the job he does, the results speak for itself. Will definitely use his cleaning services again! Thanks again Scottie, I hope this is alright I haven’t had to do one of these before so let me know if you need more!
14th October 2016: Karen – Vacate & Monthly – St James, Riverton & Thornlie, Perth, W.A. – 3×1 Single storey – Client since August 2012: >> “The cleaning job looks like a professional job, and if I have any comments about any of the cleaning, as wanting anything changed or even cleaned in a different way, extra cleaning etc…. Scottie is so approachable and open to constructive criticism. I find Scottie very reliable, keeping his booked dates, and he also keeps me in check, giving me a reminder txt of when his next clean will be. If you pay in advance it is a really good discount, I think it is great to have this option. I am an animal lover, I have two cats, and I believe Scottie has a dog, so I feel so comfortable knowing he is an animal lover as well. I find it a bonus that Scottie uses his own equipment and supplies his own cleaning products. Thanks Scottie.
12th October 2016: Vanessa – Fortnightly – Doubleview, Perth, W.A. – 3×2.5 Double storey – Client since August 2015: >> “Scottie comes fortnightly to clean our house. It is so lovely to come home after a long day and have the house sparkling clean. We love the fact that he uses natural cleaning products and look forward to the incredible eucalyptus smell of the floors after he has been. Scottie is also great with our dog, and even gives him a treat each time. We would highly recommend Scottie and his team to anyone for a more natural approach to home cleaning services.”
11th October 2016: Jo – First Initial Clean & Windows – East Vic Park, Perth, W.A. – 3×1 Single storey – Client since October 2016: >> Hi Scottie. Thanks so much for the thorough house clean today! I appreciate your flexibility with everything going on and despite all the interruptions you still made the house sparkle. Definitively recommend you to anyone looking for a reliable, efficient and flexible house cleaning crew! Thanks again!”
10th October 2016: Anita – Windows (2 houses), Regular house clean (2 houses), Gutters – Leederville, Perth, W.A./Narembeen, W.A. – 5×2 Single storey & 6×2.5 Single storey – Client Since March 2015: >> “I’m very happy to recommend Scottie to anyone seeking a reliable, efficient and trustworthy person whose output and effort ensure satisfaction with whatever job he is asked to do. His cleaning business is the best I have ever had for a totally thorough and comprehensive result.”
10th October 2016: Chris & Naomi – Spring/Fortnightly – Kallaroo, Perth, W.A. – 5×2 Single storey – Client since September 2016: >> “I have recently employed Scottie and team to complete a spring and fortnightly clean/s since. I was pleasantly surprised how well the house presented after the spring clean, with the level of detail outstanding. In particular the bathrooms and kitchen came up extremely well – I wasn’t aware how good they could look! Thanks again.”
5th August 2013: Fortnightly Clean from August 5th – 5×1 Single storey. » Very happy with Mondays job, hubby came home and pointed out what a rubbish job I’d obviously been doing myself :-). The bedrooms still smell fresh!” Katy, Jolimont, Perth, W.A.
31 July 2013: Fortnightly Clean since July 2013 – 3×2 Single Storey » “Hi Scottie, Thank you so much for the fantastic initial clean of our home last week. The place was in such a state I didn’t know where to start, but you managed to get it looking spotless in no time at all. It will be great to come home to such a clean home on a regular basis! Many thanks.” Kate, Wembley, Perth, WA
25 July 2013: Vacate Clean – 4×2 Single Storey » “Hi Scottie. Thank you for doing a vacate clean for me which will enable me to move into my new pad knowing it’s spotless. I was very pleased with your professional service and will recommend your business to my friends. Kind Regards.” D.P, Bentley, Perth, WA
30 June 2013: Vacate Clean – 3×2.5 Double Storey » “Thank you Scottie!! The house was immaculate, and I am so grateful for your hours of work !! I will definitely call you again and have already told numerous friends about you… We are heading to the states for a bit and will contact you when we return. Thanks again !!” Patricia, Subiaco, Perth, W.A.
8 July 2013: Fortnightly Clean since October 2012 – 6×3 Double Storey House with 3 Bedrooms » “It is always a great pleasureto come home after Scottie has cleaned our home. Everything is sparklingand there is the wonderful fragrance of eucalyptus which is very refreshing. Most of the time Scottie has to work around my two older children, but it doesn’t bother him and they are comfortable with him being there. I would highly recommend Scottie he does a magic job. Carolyn, Woodvale, Perth, W.A.
7 July 2013: Weekly Clean since February 2013 – 3×1.5 Single Storey I have had several cleaners over the last few yearsand none have delivered to my high expectations. I found Scottie  by chance via a google search and have never looked back. He is extremely thorough as well as being excellent value for money and incredibly trustworthy. I always look forward to cleaning day as walking through my front door after Scottie has been this amazing smell of cleanliness hits you. I recommend Scottie to all my family and friends. Fiola, Mt Lawley, Perth, W.A.
7 July 2013: Fortnightly Clean since September 2012 – 7×2 Single Storey We are very satisfied with the house clean Scottie does every fortnight. I look forward to coming home in the evening and have the whole house smell fresh. I also like the fact that he brings all his own cleaning equipment and materials. It saves me from having to make sure I have all the necessary things in the house. He is a pleasant and trustworthy guy to deal with. Liza, Iluka, Perth, W.A.
4 July 2013: Spring Clean – 5×3 Double Storey We both are very happy with the spring clean you did for us. Your attention to detail really made the difference. I know it was a big joband you really put the time and effort inand we really appreciate this. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends. Glen, Upper Swan, Perth, W.A.
28 June 2013 Rent Inspection Clean – 3×3 Double Storey Thank you Scottie !! The house was immaculateand I am so grateful for your hours of work !! I will definitely call you again and have already told numerous friends about you… We are heading to the states for a bit and will contact you when we return. Thanks again !! Patricia, Subiaco, Perth, W.A.
January 2013 Fortnightly Clean for 12 months – 4×2 Single Storey Hi Scottie I would like to thank you for the great job you have done of cleaning our house for the last year or so. We have no hesitation in recommending you to friends in the future. Thanking you Kasey & Ivan, Kingsley, Perth, W.A.
2nd September 2012 Vacate Clean & Window Clean – 2×1 Scottie did an excellent vacate clean when I moved house recently. The owners were impressed with how the house looked and smelt when I returned the keys later that day. Organising the job was easy – Scottie replied quickly to emails and did the job on the preferred day. Thank you Scottie for doing such a professional job; I am recommending you to my family and friends. Emma, Leederville, Perth, W.A.
27th August 2012 Fortnightly Clean – 4×2.5 double storey Hi Scottie Just wanted to thank you for the clean today. We are very happy with the joband the attention to detail was a refreshing change. We will be more than happy to continue with fortnightly cleaning with you. I will recommend you to the neighbour as he may be looking for someone again soon too. Thanks again Kristy and dale, Victoria Park, Perth, W.A.
15th July 2012 * Spring Clean – 3×2.5 triple storey * Hi Scottie I am happy to comment that your work was very diligent and thorough, I shall be pleased to contact you if I am in need of your services again Regards Ishbelle, Fremantle, Perth. W.A.
11th July 2012 * Regular Fortnightly House Clean – 3×1 * Thank you Scottie for the regular clean of our home. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and a great experience to come home to an exceptionally clean home each fortnight. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family. Best wishes. Jane, Duncraig, Perth, W.A.
2nd May 2012 * Regular Fortnightly  House Clean – 4×2 * We love the job that Scottie does for our regular fortnightly clean. His attention to detail and the little extras he does are unlike other agency cleaners we have had in the past. We love coming home to a clean and lovely-fragranced house on Thursdays. We recommend him to anyone wanting a thorough and professional job done. Kasey and Ivan, Kinross, Perth, W.A.
6th February 2012 * Regular Fortnightly House Clean – 4×2 * Scottie does a regular clean for meand he always does a fantastic job. I have had a few cleaners in the past who I have not been impressed with, but Scottie is brilliant. I would highly recommend him to anyone and will use him for all jobs I need doing. Emma, Duncraig, Perth, W.A.
31st January 2012 * Regular Weekly House Clean – 4×1 * Thanks for the wonderful cleaning job today. The house looked and smelt wonderful. Julie, Shenton Park, Perth, W.A.
29th January 2012 * Regular Fortnightly House Clean – 4X2 * We were very pleased with the clean. It was lovely to start the weekend with a clean house! Kasey, Kinross, Perth, W.A.
25th January 2012 * Regular Monthly Clean – 4×1 * Thank you so much Scottie for the great job today. Even our old cottage shone after your thorough clean! Look forward to seeing you again. Helen, South Guildford, Perth, W.A.
8th December 2011 * Window Cleaning & Weekly Regular House Cleaning – 3×1 * Delighted with the first clean. Both house and windows. It was a real treat not to have to do my usual weekend housework. As promised, everything sparkled! Thank you and look forward to your continued service at my home. Michelle, Kingsley, Perth, W.A.
6th November 2011 * Window Cleaning – 4×2 * Thank you very much Scottie for doing such a great job with our windows. I found you were on time, very thorough and an all-round pleasure to deal with – you’re a very hard workerand you didn’t let the rain stop you either! You said our windows would sparkle, and they certainly do – they’re completely clean and free of any streaks or marks.  I would book you again in a heartbeat, and I will be recommending you to my friends and family. Thanks again, Nicola, Bateman, Perth, W.A. 🙂
3rd November 2011 * Window Cleaning – 4×2 * Hi Scottie, Thank you very much for coming to clean our windows today. They look absolutely fantastic!  You did a top job 🙂 Thanks very much again, and I won’t hesitate to recommend you. Nicola, Bateman, Perth, W.A.
2nd November 2011 * Weekly Regular House Clean 4×2 * Hi Scottie Thankyou so much for the awesome job that you do I love coming home on a Wedenesday to my clean house Thanks you so much AnnMaree – Ashby, Perth, West Aust
1st November 2011 * Monthly Regular House Clean 2×2 * Thanks Scottie You did a marvellous job! There was not one corner left untouchedand the attention to detail left our place sparkling – literally! See you next month for sure! Christina & Shaun, Northbridge, Perth, W.A.
31st October 2011 * Fortnightly Regular House Clean – 5×2.5 * Thank you Scottie for doing the initial clean of our new rental house. You were prompt and did a great job with superb attention to detail. We shall look forward to using your services regularly. Colin and Jan,  Mosman Park, Perth, WA
25th October 2011 * Vacate House Clean – 7×2.5 * Hi Scottie Thanks for an excellent job, professionally cleaned. I did not have to worry about the house when handing over. It took the stress out of cleaning & meant I could focus on the new property whilst moving. I would most definitely use you againand I will recommend you to my friends. Lynda & Mike – Karrinyup, Perth, WA

24th October 2011 * Fortnightly Regular House Clean – 2×1.5 * Hi Scottie, We are very happy with the house. It was cleaned to perfection and couldn’t be happier. We have used a couple of different cleaning companiesbut you guys are by far the best. Keep up the good work and we look forward to using you company for a long time to come. Regards Dylan, Balcatta, Perth, West Aust

October 2011 * Weekly Regular House Clean – 4×2 * Dear Scottie, Thank you so much for the awesome jobs that you have done cleaning our windows and the house clean. It was great to see all the attention to detail that you have. We look forward to using your wonderful cleaning service time and time again. Thanks Heaps AnnMaree & Grumpy – Ashby, Perth, West Aust

September 2011 * Builders Clean * Scottie did a great job cleaning our new home after it was covered in dust from some timber floor sanding, we didn’t need to supply any cleaning products or equipment he brought it all. Excellent job Scottie, thanks again. Regards Phil & Merrilee – Attadale, Perth, West Aust.