Rent Inspection Clean

Rent Inspection House Cleaning of your home includes :

Interior cobwebs removed throughout your home
Everywhere — Including : All furniture ; Picture frames ; Skirting boards

Deep & thorough vacuum throughout your home (including under beds & cupboards if accessable, behind doors, under rugs &  along skirting boards)

Bathrooms & Toilets
Shower recess scrubbed / fittings and glass cleaned & polished ; Fittings cleaned and left shining ; Basin scrubbed and vanity unit cleaned ; Mirrors cleaned and polished ; Bath cleaned, and left shining ; Toilets scrubbed/disinfected (including base and behind) ; Outside of cupboard doors cleaned ; Light switches cleaned ; Outside of bins cleaned & emptied.
Sinks scrubbed & left shining ; Bench tops & back splash cleaned ; Stove top & top of range hood cleaned ; Cupboard fronts wiped down ; Outside of microwave cleaned ; Exterior of refrigerator cleaned (where accessable) ; Outside of dishwasher & outside of oven cleaned ; Outside of bins cleaned & emptied.
Sinks scrubbed & left shining ; Bench top & backsplash cleaned ; Cupboard fronts , washing machine & dryer wiped down
All mirrors & glass tables cleaned ; Remote controls cleaned ; Fingerprints cleaned from all light switches ; Window seals & surfaces wiped down
Non carpeted floors mopped clean (I use a eucalyptus floor cleaner with extra eucalyptus oil – Leaves your home smelling clean, fresh & lovely)

I only use nature friendly products (They are better for you, your family, your pets & the environment).

Front, rear & side entries weeded, swept & cleaned up.

*Also oven & window cleaning quotes can be provided

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Here are some tips for you on how to pass your rent inspections everytime!

1 – Get Scottie in to do a Rent Inspection Clean
As above
2 – First impressions count

Stand at your front door – what is the honest first impression you get? Make sure the area around inside and outside the front door is nice and clean, so as to give a good first impression.
3 – If it smells clean, it must be clean
One of the first things a property manager will notice is whether a house smells clean. A few drops of eucalyptus oil here and there can help give your home a fresh fragrance also make sure there are no cigarette, pet or cooking smells either!
4 – Clear that clutter
Clear off any unnecessary items from every surface possible – the less stuff you have lying around the cleaner and neater your home seems. They won’t be inspecting the inside of your drawers and cupboards, so put the stuff there temporarily if need be!
5 – Kitchen
Don’t have any dirty dishes sitting in the sink or clean ones waiting to be put away. If you usually have lots of items on your kitchen bench, put as much as possible away in cupboards – minimalist is the look you are aiming for during a rent inspection! If your oven is a mess and you are going to be home during the inspection, consider putting something in there to cook – that’ll stop the agent from getting in there with a magnifying glass! – Or get an oven clean from Scottie.
6 – Bathroom
Clear off the counter completely and put all the toiletries in the cupboard. Make sure your towels are folded neatly.
7 – Be home during the rent inspection
Your landlord/property manager will do a much quicker and less intrusive inspection if you are there. You could make this work even better by being a great host and giving them the “grand tour” around your home – they are going to feel more uncomfortable looking into every nook with you following them around!

Keeping your landlord and real estate agent happy will go a long way towards making sure your lease is renewed. It can even help convince your landlord not to put the rent up. Play by the rules and you will make life much easier for yourself!