Regular House Clean

Regular (First Initial Clean, Weekly, Fortnightly, 3Weekly or Monthly) House Cleaning of your home includes :

Interior cobwebs removed throughout your home
Everywhere — Including : All furniture ; Picture frames ; Skirting boards

Deep & thorough vacuum throughout your home (including under beds & cupboards if accessable, behind doors, under rugs &  along skirting boards)

Bathrooms & Toilets
Shower recess scrubbed / fittings and glass cleaned & polished ; Fittings cleaned and left shining ; Basin scrubbed and vanity unit cleaned ; Mirrors cleaned and polished ; Bath cleaned, and left shining ; Toilets scrubbed/disinfected (including base and behind) ; Outside of cupboard doors cleaned ; Light switches cleaned ; Outside of bins cleaned & emptied.
Sinks scrubbed & left shining ; Bench tops & back splash cleaned ; Stove top & top of range hood cleaned ; Cupboard fronts wiped down ; Outside of microwave cleaned ; Exterior of refrigerator cleaned (where accessable) ; Outside of dishwasher & outside of oven cleaned ; Outside of bins cleaned & emptied.
Sinks scrubbed & left shining ; Bench top & backsplash cleaned ; Cupboard fronts , washing machine & dryer wiped down
All mirrors & glass tables cleaned ; Remote controls cleaned ; Fingerprints cleaned from all light switches ; Window seals & surfaces wiped down
Non carpeted floors mopped clean (I use a eucalyptus floor cleaner with extra eucalyptus oil – Leaves your home smelling clean, fresh & lovely)

I only use nature friendly products (They are better for you, your family, your pets & the environment).